FOTH : The Interview

This interview series, allows us a look inside the minds of the talented individuals we share company with at Wicked Jungle Records We recently had the honor of interviewing one of our Artists, FOTH! So[…]

Wicked Jungle – Year One

On Monday May 8th we present Wicked Jungle – Year One! This compilation of Wicked Jungle Records debut year contains some of the years best sellers. From the sounds of classic Jungle on songs like[…]

Wicked Jungle KRU 004

Rends gives Roads the remix treatment. On his remix of Raket’s tune, Rends takes a more minimal approach. This remix is a dark stepper with deep pulsing sub drops. The growling reese bass is set[…]

Rends debut on Wicked Jungle

Wicked Jungle is proud to have Rends debut 2 track release! Straight from Miami, Rends hits the scene hard with crisp production and that booming 808 bass from the 305! No Scope and Light Them[…]