Artist Spotlight – SELF AWARE – ” The Blame Game”


Wicked Jungle Records:

“Welcome! Thanks for joining us to talk about your upcoming release with us on “Wicked Jungle VOL I”  –   “The Blame Game” ”

Self Aware:

“Great to be here ! ”


“So, was there any personal inspiration for your music in this song? I mean, the title “Blame Game” would lead someone to believe that it is a personal reference”


“Yes , completely. The idea that any artist puts a piece of themselves in their work, is particularly true in this case. I had just moved to a new state, with a new baby, living in a new house, new job, new vehicle. There was a TON of stuff going on for me. This didn’t give me huge amount time to work on music. So as time progressed, I had a severely fragmented workflow artistically. Working on a particular Track over the course of months in tiny increments. This can many times be the doom of a successful song, as you come back to the project over and over, your mood changes, your ideas change, your song mutates beyond recognition.

“The Blame Game” title is a blanket reference to problems I was witnessing at my job. It is the essence of claiming ZERO responsibility for actions.  Blame someone else.

Ultimately, people under extreme stress look for easy blame to place. With this track it is a narrative of ups, downs and overlap. Much like life under stress, Things can be momentarily beautiful and syncopated, then things unexpected happen. Life throws you a curve ball. Hell, it throws two curve balls simultaneously.

Not everything we make is intended for the Dance Floor arena, as much as it is music as art, under the format of our favorite genre, Jungle and Drum and Bass”


“Awesome response! Thank you so much for joining us for a moment to discuss!”