Artist Spotlight – Spinscott ” The Greeting”


Notes about “The Greeting”

by Spinscott

“The Greeting” is a track I completed for the Wicked Jungle Vol. 1 compilation on Wicked Jungle Records. As with so many of my projects, this tune started a while back as just an experiment with drum samples. I took several of the classic Jungle breaks, sliced them into individual one-shots, and created patterns using drums from the different breaks. With some layering, panning, leveling, and subtle effects, the goal was to make new breaks that sounded like they were from the same source.

Ultimately, I wanted to create a very danceable track that had mix-friendly intro and outro portions.  I wanted the beat structure to have different parts, and for the rhythm to invert during the different segments… which resulted in the working title of “Inversions”. For the bass, I am a big fan of clean tuned “808” style basslines, but wanted something slightly dirtier but not distorted. The bass note sample had a heavy attack, which I trimmed slightly to soften the hits and keep the kick drums accented. I played a lot of the beats on the MPC as one shots, and then moved on to sequence the tracks for a proper release.

The most special aspect of this track for me is the vocal sample. MANY years ago when I was much younger (and quite devious), I had discovered that the frequency on my  900mHz portable phone was able to be picked up on my boombox, so I called my friends (and they would also come over and call friends) and I would record the conversations on cassette.  Using 3 tape decks, I remixed what they said into all of this funny stuff and would play it when we would get together. It was all in good fun, of course! The voice on the sample in “The Greeting” is me and my best friend of many years, Dave. My voice was still not deep enough to be cool at the time so I used to talk funny on the phone and try to make it sound deeper. That’s me saying “wussup man”. The “Hello” and “What’s Up” is Dave. The phone beep / tone is from the same tape. When I spin this track at events, it’s really fun to hear our voices from over 20 years ago, and watch people dance to it!