Artist Spotlights: Raket/The Renegades/Sophistics


We asked a few more of the artists about what ideas inspired their tunes on Wicked Jungle Vol I…

Raket: ” To start, I wanted to build a tune around a Think Break. I couldn’t recall a tune I have ever ran it as a main break and thought it was long over due.

Sopheye provided some nice vox samples I used as a harmony and built the lead synth lines using her vocals, layering them into the synth and I followed the notes she was singing to create the melody.

Next, a tech roller needs a crushing rolling sub  bass and  I gave the sub line a touch of morphing saw basses to lift it up out of the mix.

I wanted to convey the idea that at Wicked Jungle we don’t follow the easy path set out by our predecessors. The sample “we don’t need roads” says it all as we go off of the path and make our own way through the Jungle!”

The Renegades: “I wanted to make a track with my production style but with the cut-up style arrangement of the hardcore tunes I came up on;  Acen, Tom & Jerry, 2 Bad Mice, and so on.  The sort of tracks that were a series of 90 degree turns, that captured a lot of different feelings and styles in the context of one song.”

Sophistics: “Ever thought you were lost in a deep dark jungle? This is the sound of your popping gun and thrown grenades after screaming: I got (to) explode like a nuclear bomb. And take everthing out in the jungle and even on the dancefloor.”
This beat is influenced by sounds of Artists like New Elementz, Upgrade, and Turno. Samples were
used from some free jungle sample colletions and the basses and beat is own production.
All thrown together by Sophistics in FL.”