Breakbeat Cartel – XLuther, JungleQueen, DarkAli, Rez, JungleMantis

  • Breakbeat Cartel – XLuther, JungleQueen, DarkAli, Rez, JungleMantis
  • Release Date 2017-11-20
  • Label Wicked Jungle Records LLC
  • Catalog WJBBC001

Wicked Jungle Records presents The Breakbeat Cartel.

The Breakbeat Cartel is a Stateside based crew of DJ’s and producers whose primary focus are the genres that spawned from Breakbeat such as Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hardcore Breaks, Future Jungle, J-Tec, and classic Breakbeat.


Formed in 2013, in Los Angeles, originators Leo D. and Rez decided to play off of their Mexican heritage in jest and came up with the name Breakbeat Cartel. It didn’t take long for the Cartel to bring in more members, and has since grown worldwide to include members as far away from LA as Scotland. The Cartel consists of members Rez, Leo D., Xluther, JungleQueen, DarkAli, JungleMantis, Scott Perkins, and Zoot.


Now, in 2017, Breakbeat Cartel has joined forces with Wicked Jungle to put out a hard hitting EP showcasing their talent in the world of Jungle and Drum & Bass. With what is hopefully the first in many joint ventures, the Cartel showcases their varied strengths across the Drum & Bass spectrum.



JungleQueen and Xluther drop a Ragga fueled Jungle roller built upon a modern structure. The tune Music and Murder is fueled by classic Jungle sounds and sound-clash samples, precise break beat edits, bouncing bass and dancehall rhythms.

DarkAli brings a heavy Drum & Bass edit on Losing My Mind. She skirts the dark side with crushing subsonic bass lines and smashing Amen edits over heavy pounding syncopated breakbeats. Rez lets his signature style of cosmic Jungle shine on Tribesman. He weaves a multitude of chopped, diced, sliced, and shredded breakbeats into a heavy earth-shattering net of drums over chest crushing bass frequencies and lush atmospherics to lift the soul. Finishing off the release is JungleMantis with Kuji Kiri. He uses classic production styles on a throwback Jungle piece that is built upon the sounds of the Far East. Kuji Kiri is deep and thought provoking, and properly represents the classic sounds of Jungle.


Wicked Jungle is proud to work alongside such a diverse and talented crew and look towards a bright future of unleashing proper break beat sounds upon the world!


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WJR joined forces with the worldwide Break Beat Cartel to bring you a fast paced EP full of driving Drum & Bass and rolling Jungle beats.
From Scotland to Los Angeles The Cartel reaches wide to come together in their common obsession for break beat culture.

JungleQueen and Xluther collaborate on Music and Murder, a rolling Ragga Jungle tune.


DarkAli drives home the hardcore beats and thunderous bass on Losing My Mind.


Rez takes a trip to the amazon and smashes it with lush atmospherics and earth shattering amen breaks on Tribesman.


JungleMantis explores the sounds of Eastern culture and the 9 levels of power on the chilled out Jungle tune Kuji-Kiri.