DJ DIRTY ONE Jazz Sound/That Lane Of Lovers VIP


In stores July 11, 2017
DJ Dirty One returns to Wicked Jungle with another round of Drum & Bass tunes that ooze with the flavors of the Jungle.

Jazz Sound is a slice of classic D&B built around OG jazz samples. The kind of tunes that your great grandfather danced to in an old smokey speak easy. Dirty One brings it up to date with banging break beats to get the dance floors of today shaking in their boots.

On the next tune the Baltimore rep revisits one of his previous Wicked Jungle releases, That Lane of Lovers and gives it an updated roll and vibe. The drums are cut and chopped in classic Jungle roller fashion, perfect for lounging on a Sunday pool side or in the garden. Chill vibes!

In stores July 11, 2017