MARV – Tech Noir / Apex


MARV – Tech Noir / Apex
Release Date 2017-07-24
Label Wicked Jungle Records LLC
Catalog WJS015

Wicked Jungle presents the debut release of Marv

Tech Noir is a dark and dangerous trip through rain soaked cyber punk streets. It sets an atmosphere of crime ridden alleys with dirty bass lines creeping around the corner. Minimal beats slowly roll through the intro, building rhythmic tension until it breaks into a frenzy of frantic amen edits and dirty dissonant bass notes.

Apex is equally as dark and foreboding, a further trek into the dark underbelly of the seedy cyber punk dystopia that Marv weaves with his beats. Travel the streets inside stepping beats and bouncing sub drops, trying to escape the whispering menace of atmosphere that surrounds you.