Raket Release


Today Raket hits stores with “Book of Ninpo”/”Zen Garden! ”


Get it now at : www.trackitdown.net
Raket has been consistently pushing boundaries with his releases. Each one has been vastly different and completely original productions, steering clear of the standard and cookie cutter sounds in Drum & Bass. This release is no different. Book of Ninpo is built around traditional Japanese music. Opening with a rolling break, ominous choir pads back up the frantic koto. A gong signals the sub bass to kick in ushering in rolling amens that build in pressure until kung-fu samples bring in the wobbling mid range bass, turning the song into a smashing amen roller.

Zen Garden takes it in a bit of a different direction. The traditional Chinese sounds of an erhu create a meditative atmosphere that is set to help you reach a level of Zen. The rolling breaks set the tone for a relaxing liquid ride until the breakdown, when scattering Amen breaks come smashing in along with a devastating sub bass. The Amens are masterfully cut up in the styles of old school Jungle, building a rinse out pressure that is completely contrasted by the relaxing Chinese strings, yet it comes together for a complete tear out.

Get it now at : www.trackitdown.net