SELF AWARE – The Stargate Experiment


The Stargate Experiment EP is an excursion into the early days of Neuro-Funk on the title track, Stargate Experiment, and Shed My Skin. Self Aware forgoes modern techniques and synthesis in lieu of thickly layered break beats and warm bass lines. Chopped vocal snippets and sci-fi efx are melded into the classic neuro atmospheres. The bass hits hard and both songs roll out to get the nights vibe moving.
Ocularis closes the EP off on the darkside of Tech-Step. Breaks and amens are chopped with technical precision on top of dark layered strings and atmospheres topped off with growling basslines sparsely sprinkled over a deep droning sub.
The Stargate Experiment is yet another EP proving the range and versatility in Self Awares beat arsenal.