Upcoming Featured Artists


Wicked Jungle VOL I will be released in a few shorts weeks!

At Wicked Jungle Records, we recognize our producers as artisans of sound. Hours, days, months toiled over basslines, pads, synths, arrangement. Each Artist, brings their own sound and life experiences into their music.

As Wicked Jungle VOL I is approaching release,  we would like to give all the artists the floor. We believe there is a story behind every song.

To give each of these musicians a moment to discuss with us; “what went into that song” , “Was there an Inspiration? An Experience?”

As a creative format, music; as a whole, can articulate a multitude of emotions and intentions.

Wicked Jungle Records will be interviewing any Artist willing to give us a moment to talk about their track on the VOL I release.

Stay tuned as we add our latest interviews and get to know some of these talented producers!