Wicked Jungle – Year One


On Monday May 8th we present Wicked Jungle – Year One!
This compilation of Wicked Jungle Records debut year contains some of the years best sellers.
From the sounds of classic Jungle on songs like Thumbzo’s Delusional to the futuristic Footwork Jungle sounds on The Renegades’ Battle Tested and Approved, Wicked Jungle covered the whole spectrum of Drum & Bass and Jungle in 2016. Rends brought the modern Roller on Light Them Up, classic Liquid Funk on BattleDrone’s Space Funk, dark Tech-Step from Fathom with Quest. Raket brought back Atmospheric Amen fueled Jungle on Zen Garden while Self Aware came with modern Jump Up style on Da Bronx. There is something for everyone in this compilation!

Check it out here!